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16 Apr, 2009

Subsidy for electric cars in UK

Posted by: Geoff Davis In: Government Schemes|Green Transport

Static electricity discharge - Biblical proportions

Brush hair - static electricity discharge of Biblical proportions - they said no insurance as 'Act of God'

Up to five thousand pounds (£5000) will be given towards buying a new electric car, which are not available yet.

The cars are not due till 2011. Current ones like the G-Wiz mini car are not popular due to low range and safety concerns.

£20m is to be spent on charging points, ie infrastructure.  This is very small beer indeed.

There is a scheme in Israel to have a comprehensive battery charging system at normal petrol stations, where you pick up a charged battery and drop off an empty one. This means it is a sort of car drive hire system. So you never run out of charge or have to wait ages for a recharge (7 hours for the tiny G-Wiz).

Is this what is to be done here? We await details.

GM have a test electric car the Volt – what a stupid name. G-Wiz, Volt – whatever next. How about ‘Lightning’ or ‘Silent But Deadly’?

1 Response to "Subsidy for electric cars in UK"

1 | Harvey

August 31st, 2009 at 2:56 am


Thanks for writing this great blog I really enjoyed.

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