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13 Jan, 2010

Loot cd by Ian Burden ex of Human League… and me

Posted by: Geoff Davis In: Music

This “Loot” solo cd by Ian Burden of the Human League was recorded around 1989 and released 1990 on the Homar label (HOMCD 6603).
Homar was run by some guys from the Human League’s crew.

Ian Burden recorded it while hanging around in Sheffield after he left the Human League. It was recorded in his amazing ‘home’ studio, which had a state of the art Roland D50, a huge desk, and loads of room. All his old cronies hung out there and contributed to varying degrees. I used to work at Psalter Lane Art College nearby. Ian Burden liked the Loot of the World song I had recorded a couple of years earlier.

Ian Burden of Human League Loot solo cd 1990 on Homar label

Ian Burden of Human League Loot solo cd 1990 on Homar label

I thought I had lost my copy of the Loot cd and was looking around to see if any were available (no). It later turned up bundled in a box with some of my novels and anthologies (I used to write fiction, incredible as that might seem considering these posts!).


Original Loot of the World >

Loot of the World from the Ian Burden (Human League) Loot cd >

Loot of the World cassette 20/10/87

Loot of the World cassette 20/10/87

Loot of the World cassette 20/10/87

Loot of the World cassette 20/10/87

I had known Ian for ages from the old late 70s Sheffield experimental electronic / punk (ish) scene. Last I heard Ian had gone to Texas and was writing a novel about Shakespeare. No news on that.
The only interesting thing I could find was an Ian Burden Human League interview from 2009 (here) >

I have posted the original Loot of the World song here for fun, and some pics of the cassette off the DAT master, since you don’t see many tapes around these days. Slight hassle finding a working tape deck.

The original was recorded at N-P’s studio I think in Battersea. “N” did the fancy keyboard bits as I can’t play properly (hear these wonders at 34 secs.)!! and generally turned it into a proper track, the demo was a grungy thing recorded on a stereo tape deck, using a busted guitar and a Casio organ.

“What are the Americans going to do? Extreme gyrations!”

The financial news samples were from C4 Business programme, recorded off the telly (very high tech in those days). There was a big financial crash going on then. Sound familiar?

The main ‘Loot of the World’ sample is off Citizen Kane. (So sue me). The song had a point, weirdly the same song could come out now (or last year anyway). Also Labour leader John Smith is on here. Gordon Brown may be on a remix …

The later track Loot starts with some cartoony samples, that was the theme for the Loot cd. Much brighter and fun than the house-y original.

I am still in touch with some of the people from that period in Sheffield.

This blog by Geoff Davis (BuildingDIY site)

Has this got anything to do with building and DIY? Nope. Any comments?


1 Response to "Loot cd by Ian Burden ex of Human League… and me"

1 | rollo

April 22nd, 2010 at 4:26 am


Just that it’s pretty good – thanks very much!

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