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27 Apr, 2009

Rubber roof cover from Firestone

Posted by: Geoff Davis In: DIY tips|roofing

This is more environmentally friendly than bituminous based products which are also horrible to put on (having done it myself!). Rubber is a natural product and encourages tree planting so can’t be bad. Might get hot in the sun though – a very dark material. Isn’t global warming reduced by having a light roof colour? […]

Working from home save a huge amount of energy. The home office is usually in the (ex) spare room, but now small outdoor buildings, often with one room, can be insulated and heated easily. Wifi means the internet is always on in there. And you get a bucolic view. Also can have cup of tea […]

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20 Apr, 2009

Solar power from space – radio transfer

Posted by: Geoff Davis In: Energy|Solar power

Solaren Corp are planning to supply California with energy beamed down from an array of solar panels orbiting in space. The Pacific Gas and Electric Company has agreed to buy 200 MW of energy from them. No firm plans have been seen to put the array in orbit, but the plan is to use normal […]

The Labour government invented these back in 1997, they took ages to become law in 2008, and now most people ignore the. 77% of people pay no attention to HIPs information. So they are just a nuisance for the seller. From April 2009, sellers must fill up a 30 question Property Information Questionnaire. This covers […]

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17 Apr, 2009

Build your own DIY home made green roof

Posted by: Geoff Davis In: DIY tips|Green roof

Green roofs can be expensive. They usually require professional fitting. People wonder if they can ‘make their own‘. Why not? Main challenges are: Weight Type of plants Maintenance WEIGHT Big issue as soil, water (wet soil), and geotextiles and substrate all add up to a high weight per square area – then multiply that out […]

16 Apr, 2009

Subsidy for electric cars in UK

Posted by: Geoff Davis In: Government Schemes|Green Transport

Up to five thousand pounds (£5000) will be given towards buying a new electric car, which are not available yet. The cars are not due till 2011. Current ones like the G-Wiz mini car are not popular due to low range and safety concerns. £20m is to be spent on charging points, ie infrastructure.  This […]

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