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Electric cars – the future? The huge solar panels shade your car and charge it at the same time. Neat? Car park with solar trees > And another solar panel car park article > Finally Building DIY on transport >

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Seminars and study workshops about building & DIY techniques for the new self-builder at Swindon’s National Self Build & Renovation Centre. Lots of other building & DIY type courses, usually free. This is Sat 12th & Sunday 13th September 2009, see their site for directions, it is very near the west Swindon M4 junction (not […]

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We visited the Serpentine last year – the Pavilion design is an annual challenge for architects and designers. The Frank Gehry design was fantastic, very open and stimulating, possibly as it is like a traditional park bandstand but exploded out. Our friends the great London band Nought played there on the opening night. See also: […]

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We had a visit to this fine castle in Kent, England. We have many images, please have a look at our image gallery for this building. There are also image folders for exteriors and interiors as well as the actual building. Leeds Castle – stone building – Kent UK > See also our page on […]

This Saturday 22 August 2009, in Swindon, a conference with professional builders giving advice to building & DIY amateurs and wannabes (not many of them around now, unlike the boom times). Lots of talks for amateur builders and DIY fans who want to get into self build and property developing. They address whether it is […]

We have been uploading new folders of images – many of Silverstone racetrack in the UK, several folder, cars, people, buildings, signs, bridges, and also some bankshores (tyre or tire walls). These are the links: Silverstone racetrack – buildings > Silverstone racetrack – people & cars > Silverstone racetrack – signs > Silverstone racetrack – […]

Now it is allowed to build small extensions without planning permission. Any building has to abide by Building Regulations on safety and similar aspects. Also extension volumes are now not added together, so you can now have a loft conversion and a rear or side extension without exceeding what is allowed. You can also build […]

For more images of Changi Airport Singapore > Changi Airport Singapore is a great airport for the user – very spacious, green, fast to get through, and clean. It has nearly a thousand (919 when built) energy saving skylights (ventilation flaps), a butterfly garden, koi pond and over 200 species of mostly tropical plants and […]

These are images of building works on a local road in Wandsworth London. After a road accident involving a child and a campaign from locals, Wandsworth Council got around to fitting road bumps and traffic calming crossings at the ends of the road. This road has two schools and a nursery, yet the Council only […]

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Visited the Serpentine in Hyde Park London today, the Pavilion is worth a visit. Basically a mirrored outdoor roof supported by long poles, there is also an extended roof that flows down to the ground, or near it, resembling an airplane wing. Very shiny mirrored surface which makes for circus trick mirror effects. It is […]

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