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David Snell & Friends at The National Self Build & Renovation Centre – talks and advice on Project Management. At Swindon centre off M4 junction 16. 11 am til 4pm – talks, seminars etc on this most important subject. Covers finding land, design, planning, choosing trades & materials, project management. Have a look at the […]

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Great piece in Scientific American about a plan to replace fossil fuels completely by 2030. Achievable with political will, if not capsized by vested interests of oil, coal, gas, car companies. I will add a proper article in our main web site when I get around to it (sense of urgency huh!) – and maybe […]

This is a page to go with our one on camera tips & photography tips for taking pictures of buildings, architecture, urban scenes, country scenes etc. In this we look at camera types, accessories, such as cases, tripods, some brands, and so on. Visit Digital cameras – compact & DSLR – advice & tips >

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We are moving away from housing into internet web site building. Someone assumed that’s what the Building DIY site was all about and it seemed like a good idea. Web sites were my area of work prior to house building, so it is easy to provide some useful information, advice and tips. My aim is […]

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We have a new page on photographing architecture, landscapes and buildings. Urban photography includes street scenes, buildings, roads, bridges, as well as landscape in the country. Technique is most important as you need to think about every photograph you take. Composition and framing, lighting, context are examined with many other tips. Visit the Building DIY […]

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This page has been on a while, we have had comments about some of the more obscure toys like Building Blasters, Bayco, Betta Bilder etc. Lego is still very popular as a block building toy, with Duplo and Megabloks (or Megablox) for toys for tots. Lego has got into character Lego such as Star Wars […]

So many new pages… this one is about the various commercial vehicles as used by builders, traders, etc – from CDVs (car derived vans), 4×4, pickups to custom built lorries. We run through the types of vans, truck, panel vans, pickups, 4×4, 4×4 trucks, lorry, etc. This will be the start of a section. If […]

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We have been very busy putting up new pages. We did a section on finance, looking at ways to finance property and building projects. This included personal finance, business finance, mortgage refinance, remortgages, mortgages, loans and other finance and money advice. This could be money, loans or mortgages for architecture, building, remodeling, refurbishment, extensions, major […]

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[This was up a while back but has been reposted due to the Thierry Henry Incident – or Hand of Gaul – in the France vs. Northern Ireland World Cup qualifiers November 2009. How long have video cameras been on grounds? Football is absurd – to save the ref’s & the FA’s or UEFA’s vanity] […]

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As a member of the UK’s Sustainable Development Committee I was alarmed when Mr Porritt left his leadership post this year. Now he has written a far-reaching and deep report on the state of play for sustainable economic development in the UK. This can be obtained from his blog and I have put in the […]

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