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14 Jul, 2010

Architects in movies – top 10 – films about architecture

Posted by: Geoff Davis In: architects|architecture|Awards|camera|films|movies

We have just put on some pages about architects, architecture and builders in films and movies. This is not our usual thing but we felt like a change.

We don’t have a section for buildings only – not characters. Perhaps a short list might be:

  • Blade Runner – this seems to represent everyone’s idea of the future. Has Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House in it
  • Ben Hur – lots of large scale civic buildings here
  • Towering Inferno – the skyscraper is the star! This film makes it to our top 10 list above
  • The Pyramids – these are in lots of films
  • Battersea Power Station – is in 1984
  • Tate Modern power station / art gallery – Children of Men
  • Skybreak House – Clockwork Orange
  • Empire State Building – in Independence Day it is blown up by aliens – now that is funny!
  • 2012 – this has many famous locations being destroyed. This is obviously some psychological thing
Blade Runner architecture

Blade Runner architecture

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