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06 Oct, 2010

DIY and Building store B&Q wants to cut VAT on green items

Posted by: Geoff Davis In: building|Building materials|DIY tips|do it yourself|Energy|green|Green roof|Housing|Solar devices|Solar power|Store|Sustainable power

B&Q the huge UK DIY store, are campaigning for lower VAT on energy saving green items.

They say green goods (energy efficiency, glazing, insulation, solar powered gadgets etc) should have a lower rate to encourage take-up. This is a good idea, since cost is a major factor in going green.

As builders, and architects specifying jobs, clients are often interested in green approaches, but stop short when they realise it will add substantially to the cost.

Incidentally, B&Q stands for Bill and Quentin, who set up a DIY shop for home enthusiasts, and latterly builders, in 1972.

The DIY market was new then; DIY (do it yourself) was a sign of lack of funds for a ‘proper’ builder; whereas now it is a hobby as much as anything; perhaps working at the computer all day causes this reaction – get you hands dirty, many pursuits, etc.

DIY building green - VAT reduction?

DIY building green - VAT reduction?

Anyway, B&Q have a box in store where you leave your details, with a pretty green piggy bank symbol, then the parent company Kingfisher will lobby government for a reduction in VAT. (That’s a good way of getting lots of people’s details!).

B&Q have also dropped the VAT themselves (absorbed it) on energy monitors. Some items such as solar panels, insulation,etc, already have a reduced rate.

So all you DIY and building fans, let’s see if Wickes, et al, also start a green campaign.

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