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08 Oct, 2010

Lights and lighting for DIY and builders, safety and security, plus outdoor garden lighting

Posted by: Geoff Davis In: DIY tips|garage|garden|Housing|Light and Lighting|refurbishment|renovation|Solar devices

We have a whole new section on Lights and Lighting, to add to our existing light and solar power sections.

See our lighting and lights pages:

Lamps, lighting, lights design, uplighters, chandeliers >

Light in basement, cellars, underground lighting >

Lighting the home, house, commercial, shops >

Llighting, lights, technology types, halogen, neon, LED, solar, laser >

Llighting outdoors, garden lights, solar, safety >

Lighting outdoors, security lighting, safety lights >

Lighting work, workplace, office lights, design, types, safety >

Light pollution, artificial lighting, natural light, skyglow >

Here are some light images, we used some interesting lighthouse lamp photos, and also building site night photo:

Building site cranes with outdoor security safety lighting

Building site cranes with outdoor security safety lighting

Lighthouse lamps

Lighthouse lamps

3 Responses to "Lights and lighting for DIY and builders, safety and security, plus outdoor garden lighting"

1 | Mel Elley

January 26th, 2011 at 3:29 am


Great source of information and tips. Thanks

2 | Damien Gedman

July 12th, 2012 at 2:11 am


When it comes to garden lights, i always use LED type garden lights. LED garden lights does not consume too much electricity compared to regular incandescent type garden lights. LED Garden lights also does not heat as much .
Best regards

3 | Lino Villandry

March 27th, 2013 at 2:06 pm


Lights in your garden can be far more than functional. Consider how you can take advantage of your garden’s features with strategic lighting. There is also a huge range of light styles available, whether you’re looking for something modern, rustic, traditional or almost hidden completely. Selecting your favourite type of lighting fixture can be very enjoyable.

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