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02 Mar, 2011

Hans Hause new buildings modular prefab for DIY and House Builders

Posted by: Geoff Davis In: architects|architecture|building|Buildings|construcción|DIY tips|do it yourself|green|Green Eco Building|Housing

Hanse Haus make modular eco-friendly houses that are simple to construct and cheap too. They are ideal for quick builds on cheap land, as normal housing development involves buying expensive land. This means the new build property has to maximize the potential of the site, and be custom built, to get the best price on the market.

Hans Hause prefab modular building

Hans Hause prefab modular building

There are new Hans Hause going up in Fife, Scotland and Guernsey in the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man. Plus many others. Note none of these is in a large city. Excellent houses though.

There is also a new Hanse Haus DVD. This is a educational journey, and although aimed at the customer (obviously) it is also useful for students finding out about sustainable development and housing, modular buildings, prefab building, and that sort of area.

The DVD goes through these stages:

  • fact-finding visit to their German offices and factory
  • tour state-of-the-art factory
  • see each home being constructed using advanced manufacturing technology
  • see the house being assembled
  • finally constructed on site in the UK

There is also a new image gallery of housing projects in the UK website.

They have also added a rolling news feature but this is a bit of overkill for a housing company – a blog is fine.

There are also customer stories about their builds. Very good stuff to learn about the process and get an inside view before you take the plunge.

Hans Hause buildings use passive heating (from people’s bodies, pets, lighting etc) and use very low amounts of grid energy to heat. Add a solar panel or two and you could be zero rated.

Have a look at Hans Hause new UK website >

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3 Responses to "Hans Hause new buildings modular prefab for DIY and House Builders"

1 | Benson

March 20th, 2011 at 9:48 am


Nowadays eco-friendly houses are in, so it is mandatory to built eco-friendly houses.I agree with u and loved your post 🙂

2 | Sarah

May 10th, 2011 at 6:43 pm


My friend is building a house that is so eco-friendly that its going to pay him around £1000 a year just for living in it.

The seven-bedroom house will combine several features to make the property as energy efficient as possible.Including a wind turbine and a heating system using pipes in the garden. Its predicted to generate more electricity than is needed ” and any excess will go back into the National Grid.

The home will also include a water harvester to collect rain, which can be used for ‘grey water’ items such as washing machines, toilets and hose pipes.
Rather than bricks, the property will be built using Insulated Concrete Forms made of concrete and polystyrene ” which are far more energy efficient.

3 | Ruth Cooper

July 30th, 2011 at 8:28 am


Actually we were planning to renovate our house and we want some changes. so we were looking for home builder that can help us, we still have lots of planning to make! I will suggest this site to my friends if ever they need some help.

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