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24 May, 2011

Workshops this weekend 28 29th July Swindon Design Renovation Exhibition Centre for DIY Building

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Self Build & Renovation Workshops at the National Centre in Swindon.

Workshops on renovation, DIY, remodeling, building for amateurs.

There are Masterclasses and also open format Ask the Experts sessions.

Masterclasses are on:

9.30 to 10.15 am Walking Tours – Self Build & Renovation
These are on all day and comprise an expert walking and talking around the many standing exhibits in the centre.

10.30 to 11.15 am Is It For Me?

Some jobs are too big for beginners. So get an idea of the scope of a job before you create a disaster.

11.30 to 12.15am Finding and Funding Your Project
This covers financing for land, construction, materials, workers, insurance etc.

1 to 1.45pm Design, Planning & Sustainable Building

Just get it in budget. This is a hard one as things get added (let’s have a wine cellar!), or the spec improves (you are buying flooring and suddenly decide the better version is what you want) so always add a bit – perhaps 50%.

3.00 to 3:45pm Project Management

Don’t made horrible expensive mistakes. Hire an expert to run your job – you can still be hands-on.

4 to 4:45pm Walking Tours – Self Build & Renovation

More walk and talk with the experts.

Go here for Tickets and more details >

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