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09 Jun, 2011


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Repair this house diy building

Repair this house

Summer is a great time to do work around the house and garden, unless you want a holiday of course.

Unless your holiday is DIY… well maybe it is too hot to do much but if you feel the need for a sweaty workout try some of these. Feeling fit?

Garages and carports

Needs a lot of work, and help from at least on one other or you might have an accident. A garage is a large DIY Building project. Summer is a good time though as you might (well possibly) escape the rain. The job will take several days so be prepared for cover in case it does rain after all.

Garage and carports >

Garage door types and tips >

Garage doors and security >


Building a brick or stone barbecue is a good small job, no one will get hurt much if it is a bit rough, in fact it might add to the charm.

Build a brick barbecue or oven >

Garden – Water features

Might be too hot but have a go as this is a good time for building garden features like waterfalls, fountains, ponds etc – which are good for biodiversity.

Garden waterfalls and water features >

Garden fountains >

Green roof and vertical garden

You can also try a Green roof or vertical garden >

Garden – Swimming pools

This should have been done in the spring! Now you have to watch the contractors digging and making the pool while you sit and… don’t swim.

Swimming pool – above ground >

Outdoor buildings and outhouses

Sheds, garden offices, pagodas, pergolas, awnings, canopies – these can all be built or erected in the summer.

Make sure they are strong enough for the winter winds though.

Awnings and canopies >

Garden buildings general article >

Garden sheds and useful buildings >

Garden tool sheds and storage >

Roofing covered in tarpaulin

Roofing covered in tarpaulin

Roofs and roofing

Check your roof is OK in the summer as it is easy to fix when dry and with easy access.

Roof and roofing materials >

Lofts and attic conversion

As there is less rain, summer is an ideal time to do this kind of work. Better to start in the spring though as this is usually major work and can take 3 months easily, though outside roof and structural work is at the start only.

Make your own retractable pull-down loft stairs >

Lofts and attic conversion >


Cladding is on the outside of the house so is best to repair or replace in the summer.

Cladding >

Window frames, damp proof courses dpc, gutters

Check these also in case of damage, disrepair, or blockage. DPC is easier to do in the dry. Windows and frames are better changed in the dry but it is a quiick job. If you are self repairing is a good time. Blocked gutters regularly cause floods, and if the top roof floods, you whole house will get wet.

Damp proof DPC >

Window frames >

Outside walls and fencing

You can also build any fencing, fences, walls, paving etc.

Fencing fences and outdoor walls >

Driveways and paving, patios

Garden patio furniture outdoor

Garden patio furniture outdoor

All these features can also be made or repaired more easily in the summer.

Driveways and access roads and paths >

Painting and Decorating

Sounds obvious but if your family are more outside in the summer, it is easier to paint and wallpaper and decorate the interior. Also you can ventilate more easily. Although if you use our recommended eco solvent-free paint, that is not a problem, and your home will not smell of petrochemicals for years either.

Wallpaper and decorating >

Paint and painting >

OK that is twelve and some of these are combinations but you get the general idea! Good luck and don’t forget safety precautions.


1 | carly

July 26th, 2011 at 4:16 pm


Thanks for the great blog post, looking forward to reading more by you.

2 | Brian Dowens

August 10th, 2011 at 9:22 am


This is very useful – when thinking of what needs to be done around the house or garden. Great tips in the pages.

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