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The National Home Improvement Show.
Friday 30th September to Sunday 2 October. Earl’s Court, London, open 10am to 5pm every day.

This is a big show with a focus on saving energy – hardly surprising as energy prices have increased so much. This having the green effect as saving money is a bigger motivator than saving the planet.

There are big areas devoted to:

Real Homes Live Seminar sessions from various experts.

Underfloor heating
In the Real Homes Live! Theatres.
Underfloor heating used to seem very glamorous and expensive, but it is more energy efficient. Simply, the heat is distributed where it is needed – your feet – to make you feel warmer. Rather than ending up at the ceiling level like conventional radiators which work (badly) by convection.

See our sections on:

Introduction to Underfloor heating >

Hot water underfloor heating >

and Electric underfloor heating >

Eco lighting
In the Home Entertainment & Technology Zone.
Much improved now, can get decent lighting levels out of energy efficient tubes.

See our section on Lighting technology explained >

Secondary glazing
Also known as double glazing or even triple glazing (which adds a sound and heat loss reducing third layer).
Check out advice for windows, conservatories, etc.

Green finishes
This is at Julia Kendell’s Interior’s Pavilion.
See eco paints, eco flooring, eco furnitures. Basically it is about sustainable matericla (bamboo, hemp, etc) and using natural solvents rather than dangerous ones. All the main paint manufacturers are into this now, in premium ranges (ie, people still mainly buy traditional paints).

See our section on Building and DIY Paint >

Heat pumps
See the Masterclass sessions.
Alternative off-grid heat and energy is the way forward, but one little used in the UK, unlike say Germany. UK prefers huge projects like the Severn barge, massive wind farms… is that to do with the vast bureaucracies needed to organise such projects?
What happened to all that about Britain leading the way for green tech?
The Sustainable Development Commission SDC has just been closed down…

We have a lot of pages on renewable energy, have a look around the site.

Solar heating
Solar panels, PV, thermal, costs and benefits.

See our section on Solar Energy >

See our sections on Eco Green Homes > and use the navigation.

Water recycling
Go to The Advice Centre on how to save up to half of your water needs from grey water recycling. Expensive to install but saves money over the long term.

See Water use in houses >

There are also big section on Gardens, Design, Kitchens, Home Entertainment, Layout, etc.

To get tickets (£8 advance, £12 on door) go to The National Home Improvement Show site >

1 Response to "News roundup – events and exhibitions – The National Home Improvement Show 2011 – DIY, Building, Gardens"

1 | Lily@TileSupply

September 17th, 2011 at 7:11 pm


I would love to go to this, but I live in the US. Are there any shows like this–or similar to this–located in the US?

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