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This show is on Saturday 8 to Sunday 9 September, at Westpoint, Exeter, UK.

Various seminars are lined up with eco green build experts:

Saturday 8th
Ross Stokes
SelfBuild & Design Magazine
A beginner’s guide to self build

Simple introduction from someone who has built and renovated properties, and is also a journalist.

Dave Hilton
Intro to Eco: 50 shades of green (GROAN)
Does builds, refurbs and also involved in solar panel industry. Expect practical advice.
With that course title, should be called Dave Stilton.

Mark Kingsley of Mark Kingsley Architects
21st Century House: Key design principles for retrofit & new build

Has won a few awards, and does a lot of lecturing too, at Ecobuild and Grand Designs exhibitions.

Rachel Pyne
Funding your self build project

This is a hot topic now as the Government has just announced funds for self-builders.
Having had to stop doing new builds in 2007 (like many others) due to banking intransigence, this is a very interesting topic!
BuildStore have an Accelerator mortgage for this niche.

David Amos – Amos Lighting
Techniques and principles of lighting design

For residential lighting, Amos is an expert and has worked with Kevin McCloud on several projects.

Sunday 9th September
Giles Hirst
EcoHaus Turnkey Ltd
Low energy homes built for traditional prices

Giles is a director at EcoHaus Turnkey Ltd, who supply and fit German low energy houses in the UK.

Ross Stokes with special guest Derek Taylor
SelfBuild & Design Magazine
A beginner’s guide to self build with special guest Derek Taylor, author of A Horse in the Bathroom

Mike Hardwick
National Self Build & Renovation Centre
Finding a builder and understanding their quotes

Steve Smith
SFS Management Contracting
Construction Project Management. Why it’s the better way to build!

CPM is all the rage now, it is basically Design (AutoCAD etc) plus project Management and Contact Management, all in one integrated package. This is a bit of a no-brainer for not cocking up, and is very welcome at all levels. Mostly used for high end or large high cost projects though. Has a steep learning curve.

This is a very interesting exhibition worth travelling to if you are about to start or are thinking about a self-build home. Your best bet is to learn as much as you can but you must get a ‘mentor’ in the form of a builder with experience that you can trust. This is not always easy.

Green and eco building will add costs to your basic house build, so be aware of that. Clients (we have an architectural side) often have green and eco or sustainable, bio-diverse ideas but slowly drop them when they realise the extra costs involved.

Good luck!

Check out the exhibition and get some free tickets >

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Green building >
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