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14 Aug, 2012

Eco green building classes courses August 2012, insulation, solar, refurbish

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Eco green workshop

Eco green workshop

Eco Workshop: Retrofit Solutions
Sat 25th Aug 2012
The National Self Build & Renovation Centre, Swindon, UK on Sat 25th Aug – 10.00am to 5.30pm.

Tickets free in advance from this link >

How to retrofit green eco technologies into homes and houses.

  • how to get your house air tight
  • ventilation issues (such as trickle vents)
  • insulation
  • design
  • windows and doors

The green experts will be on hand to answer questions and even go through your actual plans.

There is also a guided tour of the Building Centre’s various exhibits and examples, which are very good. A tour is best as then it is all explained, and you can ask questions. The experts are also giving short talks at which you can again, get answers to your specific problems.

Courses and classes coming soon:

15th to 17th September – Self Build & Renovation Course
26th to 28th October – Big Green Home Show
17th to 19th November – Self Build & Renovation Course

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