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13 Sep, 2012

Outdoor buildings at London Barnes Wetland Centre

Posted by: Geoff Davis In: architecture|Biodiversity|building|construcción|Gardens|green|Outdoor buildings

These are very interesting buildings embedded into the flat landscape of the Barnes Wetland centre, west London (south of Hammersmith). Some can be built in your garden, if suitable. The Berkeley Bat house could be an excellent addition. Best to check with a vet or bat expert first though. Here come the bats! Rabies! So best be safe. In the UK bats are small and benign, but perhaps not elsewhere.

You might have a job collecting guano, which could be useful around the garden. They are good for the garden because one bat can eat 500 to 1000 mosquitoes in an hour. They also help pollination. See end for link to build your own bat house. With more farms becoming vast monocultures, there is a loss of small outdoor buildings suitable for bats. And better insulation and upkeep of houses means there are fewer places for any animals or birds to live.

Next blog will show some excellent bird watching buildings or hides.

Berkeley Bat House, Barnes Wetland Centre

Berkeley Bat House, Barnes Wetland Centre

Design at back of Bat House

Design at back of Bat House

Notes on Bat House

Notes on Bat House

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