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19 Jan, 2016

January – winter gardening tips and advice

Posted by: Geoff Davis In: Articles|garden|gardening|green|trees

This advice is for England and Europe, or anywhere there is a cold sometimes snowy winter.

Winter tree with clear sky rainbow

Winter tree with clear sky rainbow

Bad weather can keep you indoors, especially when ground is too wet or waterlogged, or frozen and too hard.
Remove any weeds, and get rid of mouldy or rotting vegetation such as old leaves, twigs etc.
This is not very good for any small creatures in your garden, so f possible, leave the pile of bits and pieces somewhere it can be removed later. Small creatures winter or lay eggs in garden detritus. Most of these are not pests so should be encouraged. Small insects etc. provide food for birds and other small animals.
Dig over any vegetable and flower plots if conditions are better.

Plant early varieties of seed potatoes. Also hardy peas, broad beans, radishes in sheltered spots (well drained soil).
Plant indoors for transfer out in March. Don’t plant them out all at once, put them out regularly to get consecutive crops.

Clear snow from branches. Check Ties and stakes for damage, especially after bad weather and high winds. Prune raspberry canes, to help them produce more later in the year.
Also prune apple, pear etc.
Remove old dead or diseased wood.

Winter scene at lake, swans, moorhens

Winter scene at lake, swans, moorhens

Your Greenhouse or cloches etc.
Remove any snow and keep the glass clear to let all light in. Remove moss, clean panes of glass. Remove mould and animals. Let in ventilation on warmer days.

Bushes, Shrubs and Trees
You can move deciduous trees in the winter if ground is not water logged or frozen. Plant new tress, use strong stakes for support. Winter prune some shrubs such as wisteria.

Help any wildlife you might have around. Put out food for birds, add fruit. Ensure bird baths and drinking ponds are not frozen over.
Log and twig piles are great places for wildlife to shelter through the cold weather.

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