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There is a series of talks at the British Council, Penang, Malaysia. The Lecture Series is organized by Global Leadership Consultants in collaboration with Asian Global Business, GeorgeTown College and HELP University College. They use the British Council, Penang rooms as they share the building. This talk on 18 March 2010 was about easy green […]

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04 Jun, 2009

Fusion energy plant opens in US – laser compression

Posted by: Geoff Davis In: Energy

Laser powered fusion test plant opened May 2009 in California. Arnold Schwarzenegger was there. 10 storey building, 15 years to design and build. World’s most powerful laser creates 192 beams of light to compress and heat a 2mm pellet of frozen hydrogen that costs $40,000 to make. Heats to 100,000,000 degrees centigrade, as hot as […]

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20 Apr, 2009

Solar power from space – radio transfer

Posted by: Geoff Davis In: Energy|Solar power

Solaren Corp are planning to supply California with energy beamed down from an array of solar panels orbiting in space. The Pacific Gas and Electric Company has agreed to buy 200 MW of energy from them. No firm plans have been seen to put the array in orbit, but the plan is to use normal […]

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