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Swimming pool accessories and swimming pool supplies

Pool ladder, swimming pool lights, automatic cleaners, pool heaters, pumps and filters are accessories that may come with the pool kit or you may have to purchase them separately. When you choose pool accessories, first go for buying the most necessary ones like pumps and filters.

The pool company wioll either do this as part of your building contract or you will have to do it yopuself - but this is a specialist area so be careful. Filters, cleaners, heating should rellay be done by the pool company or you might end up with expensive mistakes.

Swimming pool tiles and tiling

Above: Swimming pool accessories and supplies - deck chairs, parasols and umbrellas, litter bin, life ring, a clear blue sky - and a huge crane?


Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance, and safety

In ground pool cleaning is comparatively expensive than that of above ground pools because of its complex installation. A lot more debris is found inside in ground pools as they have more curves and edges. There are various options for both, pool surface and water cleaning.

Manual vacuum pool cleaners and pool covers, automatic pool cleaners which need electric supply and chlorine tablets or strips are few considerable options. Always select high quality chlorine products.

It's always best to hire professionals for pool water testing. They will test concentration and amount of chlorine present in water. Always keep the kit units in a specific storage area. Place all equipments safe from bacteria and dirt.

Make a check on pumps and filters operations. These units are the most essential part of the swimming pool so they must operate perfectly, thus requiring thorough cleaning and maintenance. When choosing swimming pool design select a less complicated one to make maintenance easier afterwards. Pool builders also provide cleaning and maintaining facility so that is a convenient way to get set up, although it is cheaper to do it yourself.

One of the most essential cleaning aspect is checking the level of chlorine in water. Various chlorinators are available which can automatically regulate the chlorine factor. You can go for less expensive chlorine canisters which can be placed inside the pool. Just know the quantity of water your pool is holding and purchase the respective canister. Algae will be formed if amount of chlorine falls below certain level. It is difficult to clean algae so make sure it does not grow.

Safety is very important in an above ground pool and should not be ignored. One of the major causes of injuries is falling off the ladder. Make sure the ladder is installed perfectly. Electric pumps and filters cause fatal injuries and even death so carefully read manuals before working with or using these equipments. Always keep the units in a safe place when swimming pool is not in use. When dealing with chlorine products follow the precautionary measures.

Keep all the toxic chemicals out of the reach of children.

Always cover the pool to keep water safe from dirt and dry leaves falling in. If you are living in a colder area than use solar pool cover as it serves the heating purpose as well. Keep a regular check of pumps and filter system. Pumps and filters keep water circulation and help remove debris.

Chlorine in water is distributed by these pumps to accomplish an overall chlorine balance. Filter system should be working properly to ensure healthy swimming. Always purchase high quality filters to reduce risk of clogging. Use pavers for filters to make them level on ground.

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