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Raising plants in a Hydroponic Organic Garden

In a common garden, soil is the main essential for plants to grow. It provides nutrients, water even gases to the plants. But these necessities are so scattered in the soil that plants need more energy in order to get their food, as they have to grow long roots and cell structures to get to the nutrients, weave around stones, blockages, even poisons or toxic material.

But the plants and vegetables that we grow do not actually require soil, only the nutrients and water present in it.

Hydroponic gardening:

Hydroponic gardening is the technique of planting vegetables and herbs without soil, while providing them all the nutrients they need to grow in a more smooth and efficient way. This method is an indoor planting mthos for vegetables and herbs, in a controlled environment without soil. Sometimes a semi external system can be set up using a greenhouse.

A carefully processed organic (natural) soup is supplied where plants grow under an artificial system with HID indoor light. This soup contains everything plants need from soil, and because of the enclosed environment with no soil, there are no or very few pests and dangers to the plants, so pesticides or weed herbicides are not needed.

You can grow fresh organic herbs and organic vegetables in a very effective manner to give your food natural and refreshing flavors. Different herbs like basil, oregano, mints, rosemary, sage, thyme, bay leaf and chives are some of very strong fragrant herbs that could be grown.

Hydroponic gardening supplies

Specialist suppliers have all you need including books and DIY guides. It is worth starting small and building up.

Things you will need are:

Or you can buy complete systems, a package will be cheaper, which is probably the best bet for a beginner. Then you can expand as you feel like it.

Step for organic hydroponic gardening: