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LEGO Toys - model making and educational - designer 3D

LEGO Digital Designer - 3D - Virtual Building Software

LEGO games have now also become a digital experience. LEGO Digital Designer is a 3D modeling tool with an attractive and easy to use interface. With this software you are able to create and render 3D objects. All you have to do is drag and drop bricks onto the 3D plane and join them using your imaginative skills.

As compared to other 3D programs it is a lot easier to create 3D structures as it involves the drag and drop technology. However, if you want to build large and complex structures you would have to indulge yourself into modeling and designing a proper layout.

The LEGO Digital Designer application launches with a fresh blue theme and presents different options to start with. There are three options on the welcome screen to choose from - pick from a readily available model, start from scratch by an assortment of bricks or continue a previously saved project. In addition to these there are three modes for working:

In build mode you are actually building your objects, in view mode it shows preview rendering of the object, and third one is building guide mode which shows help for your project. You can switch between these modes by clicking on icons on the top during building process.

There is a nice building tool set, with most common tools like selection tool, hide tool, paint tool and clone tool. Camera feature allows rotating, panning and zooming around the 3D stage although in complex designs camera feature is a bit glitchy.

There is a very nice icon bar to open, close, or save a file, edit objects, explode it to pieces and see the animated rebuild, change background for the object, send your creation to, and even take a screenshot of your design.

LEGO  designer 3D screen shot

A very cool building palette feature allows selecting bricks palette from a range of bricks each having multiple sizes, shapes and colors and two more palette of groups and templates where you can choose from your saved work.

LEGO Digital Designer is software for all ages, children would really like the funky interface and for adults it gives the power to create unlimited range of 3D patterns.

For beginners it provides built in models along with the option to modify their point of view, color etc. There is an option to buy more bricks for the 3D model from the online LEGO store and even upload them to LEGO factory to share with other designers. LEGO Digital Designer is a full featured graphic intensive program is great fun to use.

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