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Solar PV-T or PV/T - solar air heating and electricity cogeneration

PV thermal is a mixed solar energy technology with a thermal heating system and PV photovoltaic electricity power generation, using a mix of solar panels.

The excess heat from the rear of the PV panels is ducted off into the building's heating and ventilation system - HVAC - thus saving energy and saving money there. This cooling system for the panels also increases their efficiency up to 10% or more.

This is called a cogeneration system. Most are modular and come ready to be fitted and integrated into the HVAC system.

PV photovoltaic solar power systems have an efficiency of 8-15%, usually the low end. This is caused by a variety of factors but a major one is heat building on the panels.

They lose 0.4 - 0.5% efficiency for every degree above 25 centigrade. Often especially when sunny temperatures are well over this. This new system removes excess heat and cools the panel, increasing efficiency and also using the hot air.