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Body building, muscle building and natural muscle gain

Body Builder Weight Training Exercises

We are adding a big new area on body building, focusing on muscle building and natural muscle gain rather than performance bodybuilding.

This will come online over the next few weeks so keep a look out for new pages.

Muscle growth

How to increase your muscle size. This is not just for appearance. In older people (over 40) bones can weaken and one way to strengthen them is to do muscle building. You do not even need a gym, we will also look at DIY methods such as using home-made weights - 1.5L or 2L water bottles as free weights.


Types of Bodybuilding

New sections to come

Swimming as Preparatory Exercises

Above: long distance swimming is good exercise to build up strength and fitness


How to get ready for bodybuilding and muscle gain.

Short term: warm up exercises.

Long term: diet, training.

Free weights useful at start of bodybuilding training

Above: free weights useful at start of bodybuilding training

Technical bodybuilding

This section is for more professional people who want to make money from bodybuilding, or do it as a sport. Incidentally, it is not an Olympic sport as it is not seen as competitive, unlike weightlifting or gymnastics to which it is related.

The World Bodybuilding Federation WBF

This was set up to promote bodybuilding as a sport, and get more money coming in. Bodybuilding only started in 1901 (apart from circus strong men etc) so it is a very recent development in the world of athletics and sporting prowess.

Weights machine in gym for bodybuilding training

Above: weights machine in gym for bodybuilding and muscle building

Anabolic steroids - now illegal

This drug has only recently been made illegal due to abuse. There are also many other additives and supplements that are bad for you, but used for performance enhancement.