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Geoff Davis and Kevin McCloud in Swindon

Above: Geoff Davis (on left) of Building DIY (DN Developments / Ecotist Homes) talks to Kevin McCloud of Grand Designs and a planner from Swindon Council. Kevin McCloud is famous!

This website was created from the huge amount of information in the original Green Eco Building Ebook, by Geoff Davis, published by DN Developments Ltd (2009). It was based on experience gained when running a Ecotist Homes, a 'green' housing development company in London, UK.

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Building DIY Ebook Architects tips Ebook


The 400 pages Building DIY and Gardening book page > is being published, with many 2022 revisions and all-new sections on boat building, floating homes, space habitats and more. London-based Leopard Print Publishing LPP are working on this now for publication in Summer 2022.


Please send an email to geoffdavis5 at gmail dot com

All material on this site and image gallery is © copyright Geoff Davis 2008-2022, all rights reserved.

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All website conception, programming and implementation by DN Developments / Geoff Davis 2009-2022. Geoff is director of Story Software Ltd, a design company who do architectural and interior design along with software.

Geoff has worked as web manager and technical director for NESTA (innovation charity), Omnicom Group (design and branding, with Nokia, Unigate, GSK and others), and has taught computer graphics at Sheffield Hallam University and London University of the Arts. Geoff has a Masters degree in computer interface design from Middlesex University.

He has recently done some consultancy in Penang, Malaysia for the Malaysian Architectural Association and the Federal and Local Government, creating a website and administration system for the fully online Penang Rifle Range Urban Renewal International Competition (April-November 2010).

Story Lite creativity software for writers and bloggers is his latest project. This is a free application for all platforms.

Geoff is also a published fiction writer, amongst others, by International PEN.

Architectural photography - Paul Greenleaf (when credited).