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House building process - advice, tips & articles

Large building & construction jobs for professionals or experienced amateurs. Will need teams, special equipment. Take all safety precautions.

There is advice here for anyone thinking of self build or a large renovation job. This is very popular now due to programmes like Grand Designs on Channel 4. It is also a way of saving money. Now that such a lot of home tips and advice are available it is less daunting to a beginner.

These pages help you look at a larger job after getting experience with home improvements and remodeling.

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Please let us know if you would like any advice or home tips on using materials, and the overall process of building, which changes with different materials - ie, a timber build is different from a steel building, etc.

You will find much of the advice here has a green approach. Our background is in green building so that is only natural!

We have many images of building process and built environment in our Image gallery, please use the navigation at the top.