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Make great presents and gifts for men and women
everyone is handy these days!

The great thing is the price range is from a few pounds or dollars for a small tool set (the all-in-one attachable ones make great gifts) to expensive professional power tools or even benches and storage boxes (although that is an unusual present).

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Here we list the most useful tools for builders, DIY fans, construction professionals, and self build and repair work. We focus on typical craftsman tools, power tools and woodworking tools. This is not large scale plant and engineering tools, we will soon have a different page for that. Pictures and links on soon.


Safety Glasses

Facemask and dustmask

One is more for protection, other for dust. Note these are not very good at very fine materials, and many apparently safe jobs like sawing up MDF should be done also outside or in a workshop with active ventilation.

Also needed when clearing dirty or old spaces like lofts and attics, garages, basements, old sheds etc.


Knee pads

If you are working on the floor level.


Should be bright at all times.

Hand flashlight

Site lights

Proper visibility is essential. Some buildings are very dark inside when working so use small flood lights.


Safety shoes and boots

Steel-capped and chemical resistant.

Helmet (hard hat)

Even a good wooly hat is protective, but a proper safety helmet is much better and cheap. These are usually tough brightly coloured plastic.

Most professional sites are hard hat areas so do this at home on DIY self build projects too.

Clothing is most important, even when working around the home on building and DIY. I have seen removal men with sandals on, so don't assume others know what they are doing.

Sign - wear ear protectors

Above: Warning sign - use ear protectors

Piston cage with tube of glue

Above: Piston cage with tube of glue inserted

Spirit level - 1 metre

Above: Spirit level - 1 metre


Above: Metal head mallet (also rubber and wood head)



Safety signs around a building site, and at all access points, are very important.

Hand tools


Small pointy tool (wood handle and metal spike) for making holes in which to place screws, very useful. Have several as tips break off.

Center Punch

Screwdriver set

Large, small, and micro. Also electrical (lights up and insulated handle)

Can have exchangable heads which saves space. Use a electric powered screwdriver for pro building and DIY jobs. Will save a lot of sweat and blisters and give a standard torque.

Files - wood

Files - metal

Depending on type of job.

Claw hammer

Framing hammer

Nail hammer

Ball pein hammer


Wood, metal or rubber headed depending on job.

Soft face hammer

Rubber head, like a mallet

Tack hammer (small hammer)

Sledge hammer

For whacking the hell out of things.

There are all sorts of specilaist hammers such as a drywall hammer (anti vibration to prevent injury), brick hammer, shingler's hammer, magnetic tack hammer, engineer's and bricklayer's hammers, etc.

Nail set

Not for getting ready to go down the pub, this is for countersinking. Comes in a set for different sizes.

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