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We have a large number of photos in our image gallery. This is an introductory page for the images of outdoor furniture, patio furniture, garden benches, garden seats and chairs. These are from all over the world and we are adding more images of outdoor furniture such as benches, stools, chairs, seats etc, all the time.

It might seem obvious but chair and especially public bench heights cary all over the world. In Asia , public benches are some 10 cm lower than in the West.

In the USA, benches have to be made stronger to hold the weight up up to three or even four (if they can fit) obese males, possibly laden down with heavy objects like cameras and food take-away containers.

We have a range of images including Chinese tables made of stone, some with bonsai trees on them.

Right now there are mainly images of stone and wood benches, plus some sleeping workmen showing that anything can be used as outdoor furniture (in this case, a table or work bench is used as a bed!).

We will be adding a new page for sofas, chairs and indoor furniture shortly.

We have collected many scores of bench photos from all over the world - mainly England, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia, with a few from Dubai.

These will be organised into collections and posted soon. In the mean time here are a few extracts.

Bamboo garden chair
outdoor furniture chinese stone table stools

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