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Planning kitchen design and styles

If you love to cook then most of your time would surely be spent in your kitchen. Ravishing styles in kitchen design enhance the aesthetic value of your home. So if you're going to refurbish an existing kitchen or build a new one these notes are definitely going to help you out with kitchen design and styling.

Kitchen layouts: There are four basic layouts that you can consider according to your choice, budget and needs.

Kitchen diner or breakfast room

The most popular kitchen design now is the kitchen diner, or breakfast room. This is a combination of kitchen and eating area, which might also have a recreation area with a TV or games area.

Since most family living is in this dining and cooking area, it creates a welcome centre for the home. It also means only one room is heated and lived in, which can also be an energy saving tactic.

Galley kitchen in use

Above: Galley kitchen, small, found in rented flats, note recycling rubbish bag

More on galley kitchens

A galley is on a ship and the term has become 'galley kitchen' for us landlubbers. Designed for small areas, best use of space is needed so they have overhead cupboards and hanging racks. The two rows of cabinets usually face each other.

There is no table due to lack of room. Eating is often done in front of the TV or on a sofa (TV dinners!). Microwave cooking, fast food and take-away meals are common.

The walk-in design makes galley kitchens popular in small apartments or houses. You will all know this from student or house sharing days even if you now live in a Grand Designs style mini mansion!

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