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Kitchen design - the basics

  1. Designing the layout: You can select the layouts like L shape, open kitchen, parallel kitchen, galley or interestingly you can merge the designs into one! Kitchen diners or breakfast rooms are popular nowadays, which have a layout offset from a dining and recreation area.
  2. Make accurate measurements of the whole area with a measuring tape. Put these measurements on graph paper preferably of the scale quarter of one inch on graph to one foot of your kitchen, ie 1 to 10 or 12, or metric equivalent.
  3. Draw the model: After the measurements have been drawn now you have to draw the model. Place tracing paper on graph and draw the measured area. Use rectangles to draw each part of your kitchen. For example draw a big rectangle of work area with measurements, draw oven, sink and fridge area, label them all using colorful markers to distinguish among every block. Prepare all drawings on tracing paper as it's more readable.
  4. Do not forget free space: In your model always try to utilize less space for fixtures. Design for more space to move around.
  5. Storage area: Design a storage area which is separate to your kitchen, as well as under worktop and cabinet storage. Allocate storage space adjacent to kitchen with a small door. Also place more drawers with multiple sections in the model.
  6. Logical design flaws: It's not good to place your sink near electrical appliances or an ice maker adjacent to a cooker so check these basic flaws in design.
  7. Electrical and plumbing requirements: Make sure you design the kitchen for plumbing and water flow. Model correctly where you are going to put kitchen appliances. It's always better to first call a plumber and an electrician to make a visit before you remodel or design.
  8. Ventilation: make sure you have a good extractor system over your cooker or heat and smells, and moisture, will build up.
  9. Color Schemes: A color scheme greatly affects your mood so be very careful while choosing a color. You can have cool refreshing colors or a hue of warm colors. Traditional white with different shades is always in fashion.
  10. Good lighting provides emphasis on your designs and colors. Make labels for lighting in your model, design more windows and use white lights. Check the orientation for sunlight at different times of day.
  11. Television and entertainment hub: popular these days is a system for entertainment as people are used to eating in front of the telly. This is popular if in a hurry or for intimate TV dinners.
  12. The kitchen can be used as a perfect family or companionship room where you can cook, do any routine work, and spend time with family members in the dining area.
  13. Safety: don't forget a kicthen is a dangerous place with steam, scalding water and oils, knives, chilli, pepper etc. And electricty and gas as well! So get your electrical and plumbing design checked by a professional, or outsource this part.

More on colour (color)

There are a wide range of colors you can choose for your kitchen. Traditional colors and styles of floors, walls, cabinets and countertops are always in. Neutral shades like white and creams, peach colors with silvery appliances is the preferred theme by most people, especially if you are going to rent out the property.

You can also opt for warm colors like orange and crimson but these colors are more dazzling when used for your pots and appliances, with an overall theme of fresh earthy colors.

Your kitchen design must meet all those requirements and additional specific personal requirements of your own as well, such as having a great sound system or your favourite painting (away from the cooking area)!

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