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Carpets and soft flooring

Vast range available. We use natural sisal carpets throughout our new builds and where possible on refurbs.

Sisal and coir are very good choices, along with natural sustainable backings such as latex or jute. Also available as natural products are cord, seagrass, jute and velvet.

Often even natural wool carpets have chemical dyes so check carefully.

Natural carpet material

Above: Natural carpet material.

Sound insulation is important under wooden floors as they create an echo chamber effect between the floor and the base subfloor.

Underlay can be boards made of compressed wood fibre, which are recycled, smooth and have very good sound insulation properties, up to 36db.

Rubber underlay is sustainable. Use an extra thick blown rubber underlay, which are the best selling in Europe. This is made of recycled bits of rubber pressed into a sheet foam layer.

Newer underlays such as the popular lightweight Cloud 9 foam or rubber crumb are high tech versions.

For more information on floorings, see the article on Soft Flooring.