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Before you start building a barbecue, you need to choose the right location to build it, as it cannot be moved once built.

It is usually wise to build it in a well-covered location not directly visible from the house.

But it should also have reasonably easy access and not be too far from the house, especially from the kitchen.

Taking safety into consideration, you also need to locate the barbecue (also called a bbq or barbie) away from hedges, trellises, trees or fences.


Making a barbecue grill will be in a forthcoming article.

Lump Charcoal, Charcoal Briquettes, Self-Igniting Charcoal, Coconut-Shell Charcoal, Wood Chips or pellets and Herbs can be used as fuel for the bbq.

Since wood such as oak and olive burn slowly and give off a pleasant aroma they are most suited for grilling. Wood fires however need to be constantly attended to in order to achieve even heat.


It is best policy to tell neighbours about your garden party or barbecue first, this defuses andy annoyance and means if they want the music or noise reduced, they have already met you and formed a good impression, so won't be frightened to complain, thus increasing aggression and tension.

Be aware that your neighbours might want to get some peace and quiet in their garden. So keep the sound system out of the garden - put it in a garden-facing room, so people can enjoy the music and not blast out the entire road.

Also note that (in UK) parties have to stop annoying the neighbours by 11 pm, and loud noise is never aloud (geddit?). The council will send out a noise inspector. The fine is up to 2000 UK pounds.

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