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Learning how to build barbecues is real fun. The actual construction of barbecues, even brick barbecues, is not very difficult as long as you have a knack for handling tools and are not all thumbs. Among the different types, barbeques made of bricks are one of the most popular these days. You can use plans or since it is a small job, just have a look at some designs and make your own - you don't have to pay for plans.

Homemade barbecue grills will be in a future article. We will also be adding articles on chimeneas, clay chimeneas, cast iron chimeneas, fire pits, braziers, and patio furniture in general. Chimeneas are also known as Chimineas and Chimneas.


The size of the grill and the charcoal pan would ultimately decide the size of the frame for your brickwork. So see that both of them match correctly. Once you have chosen your grill and charcoal pan, you need to start building the barbecue on a firm and level surface such as a patio.

If you plan to build on a vacant plot, you would first have to build a concrete foundation to position the barbecue on. Once the base is ready on a level surface, you can start laying the bricks in a double 'L'-shaped pattern.

You can use pencil or charcoal to draw the basic plan on the level surface outlining the bricks, ensuring that the charcoal pan fits neatly inside the space. Now remove the bricks to view the outline you have drawn.

Next prepare the mortar which would act as the adhesive to hold the bricks in place. To one part of cement, add an equal amount of lime and five parts of sand meant for construction. To get the mixture to the right consistency, add water as required. Now use a trowel and carefully apply the cement into the outline you have drawn. Lay a single layer of bricks on top of the mortar ensuring that they are sitting at right angles.

Every now and then, use a building square and a spirit level to check that the bricks are perfectly level. Once you have placed one complete layer of bricks, apply mortar on top of this first layer of bricks.

Now using a staggered pattern for the joints, lay a second layer of bricks on the mortar atop the first layer. As the structure rises up, ensure that the walls are perfectly vertical by checking with a plumb line.

Once you have laid around six or seven layers of bricks, you need to place some bricks in a special pattern to support the charcoal tray. For this, place three pairs of bricks on either walls of this layer so that they are pointing inwards and are protruding from the surface of the wall.

Finish the rest of the space in the current layer with the normal pattern of bricks. Then lay one or two 'normal' patterns over this layer. Then again place three pairs of bricks pointing inwards to support the grill.

You can then add one or two more layers on top of this layer and finish the brick work and your barbecue is done!

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