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Green eco low energy houses built in 2006 in South London by DN Developments, Geoff Davis' green building company.

For more information, or if you have a project, please use the Building DIY Contact & About Us page >

We are not doing much building work until the economy has recovered, whenever that might be.

We provide services though, as we have an architectural company. Full service or design, and also 3D modelling and visualisation.

We have an Architectural company we extensively work with, so all building design including interior decoration and renovation can be done.

We have many happy clients. Please ask for references if you are thinking of starting a domestic job such as extension, loft, basement, garden design, or new build.

Like many UK and US building companies we are waiting for the recession to stabilise before embarking on any new build projects. The market is too risky as a typical new build project will take 2-5 years from idea to sale.

Anything could happen in one year, let alone five years!



Below are some images from a typical small green build. This was from two semi-detached houses in London. They had full green specification but had to be clad in red brick to match surrounding street scene. This was caused by neighbour objections to a timber building, not the local Council.

Green roof - first view from bedroom window

Green roof from first floor bedroom window. Sedum planted with local flowers, which bloom in season.

Green roof - second view from bedroom window

Green roof in earlier growing stage.

Drainage and gothic front gate to match nearby church

Paving with drainage. Natural stone slabs, recycled slate chips. Also front doors in sustainable African Idigbo wood (fully verified and certified by TRADA), aluminium window frames, double glazing with Pilkington K glass, and Thermowood cladding.

Interior of bathroom, Dalsouple floor, natural finishes

Bathroom interior, large mirrors and windows to increase natural light levels. Dalsouple rubber floor.

Interior of bathroom, close up

Bathroom, recycled plastic worksurface, natural stone.

Recycled plastic worksurface

Rear of building, Thermowood cladding, edge of green roof.

Solar photovoltaic PV panels

Solar photovoltaic PV panels, attached not embedded to maintain roof integrity.

Eco building images

Front and side cladding had to be in brick due to neighbours complaints to planning about unusual wooden appearance. Design had to match the 'street scene' of Edwardian houses, note the pebble dash house next door. Are we stuck in the past in the UK? Is the whole country a heritage industry? This is not very eco but that's the UK for you.

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