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Gardening & landscaping & water features articles

Garden design and landscaping

Garden design and garden plans, garden rooms, garden office, garden sheds, garden buildings, fountains, water, wildlife, swimming pools, vegetable gardening and green eco advice.

Landscaping and larger projects are also included. There are many great photos in this section, and also in our Image Library if you look there via the top navigation.

We also look at biodiversity, and area which is reducing rapidly despite the government's plans to improve it. Huge extinctions are taking place but no one notices - and eco developments are also part of the problem not the solution.

We are preparing a new section on biochar - biological charcoal - a substance made by burning organic material with limited oxygen. Biochar has been used for thousands of years in the Amazon basin, and now is touted as helping reduce carbon dioxide release from waste organic material. Biochar is also known as Terra Preta. This section will be on in June 2010.

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