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Hydroponic organic gardening

Benefits of Hydroponic gardening:

You can also try the hydroponic method of gardening. This uses water and not soil to supply nutrients. This method is very efficient when you want to grow indoor and in a soil-less, pest-free atmosphere. Better plant growth is assured as nutrients are easy to absorb.

Another related area is the aerogarden or aeroponics which use plants that grow in a nutrient mist, which means full access is available to gases and nutrient, giving very fast greowth. These are quite advanced systems and not for the beginner. This is a kind of automatic self-contained system, we will review it soon.

What you need to set up a hydroponic garden:

Active hydroponics require pumps, pipes, tubes, filters, monitotrs etc and are quite complicated. See our hydroponic tips page (left navigation) for more tips and advice.

Passive hydroponics is just sticking a cutting in a jar of nutrient, and is a good placve to start.

Deep Water Culture gives a stable water supply just under the plant; Ebb and flow (or flood and drain) systems bring the nutrient solution in and out to wash the roots. Drip system uses an absorbent stone wool material to hold water and are easy to set up and run. There are other methods but that is a start.

Hydroponic tomato plants in a commercial market garden

Above: Hydroponic tomato plants in a commercial market garden

Many commercial hydroponic systems are available for hydroponic gardening (or 'hydroponics') and it is very good for growing top class market garden produce.

At home you can experiment with the technique and see if it works well.

We have more pages on hydroponic and organic gardening, use the navigation to the left.

This technique of vegetable and herbs planting is getting more popular as it reduces the issues involved when planting in soil, like weeds, dirt, stones etc.

Gearing up plans for your hydroponic garden: