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Designing a garden outdoor building involves color selection, interior dimensions, intended use, door and window positioning and other various procedures to take into account. Garden rooms are far less expensive than extensions because they are not proper houses, and have lighter walls and general structure.

Garden buildings require little or no permission from local construction authorities; just follow their simple guidelines for distance from the boundary, and height restrictions. Some authorities have materials restrictions too.

You can design a house-like building structure and make partitions in it to serve many functions. It is a good practice to use lighter shades in building materials as they will reflect more daylight and will let you make efficient use of sun.

Installing a garden building yourself is far cheaper and ensures higher quality than ready built house. If you know what you are doing of course!

When you have all the materials gathered at your disposal you can make a summer house in only a couple of weeks. You are now ready to throw big barbeques and summer parties by giving your home a finishing touch with a garden home!

Garden buildings uses

You can use a garden summer house for number of different activities like:

There are several styles of summer houses available in market to choose from. Designs totally depend on your budget and needs. You can buy a ready-made summerhouse or you can make one yourself as well! If you are opting for installing yourself you must take some professional help.

Garden design for outdoor buildings

There are various important considerations that you should bear in mind and follow them during the plan:

You have to be careful not to over design garden rooms as simple solutions are much cheaper and easier to build. The photo shows the simplest possible garden design for a shelter - perhaps that is all you need, if it is for summer house use. It will not have to be so waterproof, and can have an open structure.

Garden building framework, large

This is the framework for an Eco Ark, a novel design for larger garden buildings. Prefabicated and available in many sizes.

Garden building designs

There are different corner or focal point styles in summerhouses, choose them depending on your available space. Many great designs are sometimes not appropriate for every type of location. The basic types of garden buildings are ridged roof or flat roof (apex or pent) - all else is size and materials. You can add a photovoltaic PV solar panel if you want to be green - although you will have to wire this into the main house or you will be wasting most of the energy. Also be careful the solar panel is not shaded by a tree or large bush.

You could add a green roof, but be aware of the extra weight and drainage considerations.

Some of the styles are:

Garden rooms uses

Garden summer houses can serve as a storage space for garden tools and accessories like deck chairs, lawn mowers, hose pipes and other garden items.

You can also use them for multiple purposes by installing garden cabinets for storage and using rest of the area for your own use.

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