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Food and barbeque

Barbecues can be charcoal or gas bbq, or pit roast if you have lots of room and careful safety control.

Barbeque recipes

You can go for a traditional bbq grill or barbeque grills with meat, meat and some… meat.

But why?

Veggie sausages, veggie burgers, fish, and roast vegetables are all very popular as many meat eaters will get bored of endless barbecued sausages.

For a barbeque it's a good idea to get meat and vegetarian food as well, prepare some different kind of sauces and marinate the meat and vegetables one day before the party.

Fruit for a party - before serving

Above: Fruit for a party - before serving

Try to serve fresh food with lots of colors and toppings. You can have cucumber and cheese sandwiches, sausages with spring onions and tomato sauce, lemon curd tarts, scones, fruit cakes, grilled tuna, fairy cakes, strawberry jams, vegetable and mint soup as starter can be a considerable and memorable menu!

Use potatoes and vegetables, preferably add some vinegar or sauce and grill them for few minutes. Peppers, onions, cauliflower chunks, carrots all grill well. On the evening of the party you can marinate and barbeque the meat pieces each with different sauces and serve with grilled or baked vegetables and berries.

Bbq chunks are usually bigger than normal dinner size, as people are blinded by smoke. Only joking!

For other dishes, curry is always popular, which can be served with bread. Choose a mild curry although goat curry is popular as it is a bit exotic and also very tasty. Provide a vegetable curry too.

Also pasta dishes are loved by everyone, and can be served as pasta salad.

Make sure you have a range of condiments as people have different tastes. Don't rely on one type of sauce.

Party games

Uneaten burgers can be used in party games due to their resemblance to frisbees. Launching them from the garden over the roof into the road is not recommended as this can cause traffic accidents.

They will also block your gutters.

Global Warming and Biochar

Incidentally, any burnt burgers or burnt anything else might be a form of biochar, if carbonised in enough smoke with limited oxygen, so please crumble them up and bury them, and do your bit to reduce global warming.

South Americans have been doing this for millennia - it is called Terra Preta. This barbecue method is called Terra BBQ.