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When to party - in the day

Plan at least five to six weeks before party - minimum, 3 months is better.

This time is very suitable for early spring or summer gatherings. However, make sure the sun position does not irritate the guests, as some people are sensitive to sun, and no one wants to be roasted.

Make a clever arrangement of parasols, umbrellas, and your marquees so that you get sufficient shade, at different times of the day as the sun moves across the sky. Test it out beforehand.

Weather can be a problem so make sure you have awnings, parasols, umbrellas, even temporary marquees and gazebos in case of rain.

Start with cleaning up the garden and yard. Have a look at flowers grown in your garden. These flowers can give you terrific ideas for colors and themes.

For daytime you can choose a perfect combination of white, cyan, purple and pink colors. Use these or any other colors of your choice for preparing invitation cards and use this theme in food and decor as well.

You first have to decide the party theme then make arrangements accordingly. If you don't have enough time you can select readymade cards and send them to your guests at least 6 weeks before the garden party so that they can schedule likewise.

Use fresh colors with more green in your arrangements.

Flower patterned table sheets and tents look very nice. You can create your own designs with fabric paints on sheets and napkins.

Food is an essential part but you have to decide it according to party theme and taste of your guests. List how many guests you are inviting and plan the number of food items.

Serve fresh vegetables with variety of refreshing fruit drinks, cheese sandwiches, finger sandwiches, scones, chicken salads and appetizers.

You can choose pancakes and creamy desserts with chocolate flowers for toppings. Icecream can be trouble as it melts.

Try to serve easy to cook homemade cuisines and make them colorful with berries, vegetable salads and edible flowers.

If you are having a summer party in the daytime, garden animals like frogs, birds, and parrot cages serve the decor purpose extremely well. They give color that fulfils a garden party theme. Silver or golden balls with different patterns are also used for decorating the garden.