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Garden awnings and canopies - useful guidelines

Garden awnings and garden canopies come in huge variety of colours and shapes. Generally awnings and canopies are used to provide shelter against bright sun and sunlight (and sometimes rain!) for events like garden parties, summer gatherings, and outdoor displays etc.

They also provide a focal point and identifiable location for an otherwise unfocussed garden design. They are used as permanent structures and temporary structures.

If you are going to buy a garden parasol try to find reputed dealers who give professional service and warranty. Additionally, select the right type and quality of outdoor canopy according to your requirements.

Figure out safety requirements against UV rays, rain or storms. Select colors and designs in harmony with garden patios and other garden material.

Choose your garden canopy size suitable for seating capacity. There are several outdoor canopy accessories like lights, string lights, tables, chairs, foot pads and so on, you can choose what best suits your needs and budget.

A garden parasol or garden canopy is the least expensive and easiest way to add functionality to your backyard and provide an instant overhead covering for many occasions like wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, and family or friend gatherings.

You can use it as a garden décor by adding whatever accessories you prefer. You can install a permanent canopy or a parasol structure, or a temporary one for a specific occasion.

Garden parasols

Garden parasols are generally made from metal, wood or plastic, or materials such as weatherproof cotton, sail material or plastic mixture, stretched over a metal or wooden frame. Lighter materials make the structure more portable and easier to handle.

For immediate use there are pop up canopies available which can be erected with no problem. Most of the garden canopies are very easy to set up and attach right to the exterior wall, or a freestanding weighted base, and they do not require any roof or shelter for support.

Garden awning or parasol

Above: Garden awning or parasol - large!

These awnings come in different attractive shapes, some are star-like, some umbrella or tent like. Some awnings are retractable so that you can retract them with a handle attached to the canopy. Portable canopies are provided with frame clips and all you need to do is unfold the frame and attach the cover to it. Canopy covers are available in both, solid colors and patterned. Some retailers offer the facility of printing your logo on the fabric if you intend to use it for a commercial purpose.

Garden structure prices vary depending on durability, quality and design. When you really want to make the best use of a canopy, you should not compromise on quality of material. Go for durable, long lasting and reliable material. Various structures come with swivel facility to position it against sun or wind. Others come with vents which are very useful but it entirely depends on what you need it for. These parasols can serve a dual purpose if installing near other garden seating, helping you to also enjoy reading without the bother of sun glare!

Structure of garden awning or parasol

Above: Structure of garden awning or parasol

Garden awnings are best for family-centered activities and friendly get-togethers. Once you choose the right one it gives a fabulous décor to your garden and also lets you enjoy outdoor comfort without the worry of getting sunburn or shower upon by rain, the last thing you need on a special occasions.

So choose your garden canopy or garden parasol from the very wide range available at all prices.

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