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Lighting and Insect control for outdoor parties

Lighting or illumination can either accentuate, or brighten, or mood light the garden scene. Garden decor outdoor lights come in different colors which can be used to set the mood or just simply illuminate an area. You can select huge variety of lights like party lights, string lights, wall lights and reasonably priced solar lights. Light fixtures are also called lumieres, in the trade.

Solar light strings can also be fun, although they need a lot of sun exposure to charge the battery. Flaming torches add an exciting touch but might increase global warming by a zillionth of a nano per cent, so it depends on your guests.

To keep insects away, such as mosquitoes, use citronella candles (spirals), which also smell nice. Big hotels and condos fog the grounds weekly, to kill all insects. This is overkill for a garden party.

Garden party lighting

Above: A toad in the hand is worth two in the bush

Moths and other flying insects will be attracted by the lights so make sure the lights are away from eating areas - not directly over them - as dead or dying insects will fall in the food.

You could hire an army of frogs or toads (that is the collective term!) to keep your insects at bay, but they might frighten the guests. This would be very eco though.

Lighting designers can be hired if your budget will stretch to that, but common sense will suffice.

Garden party lighting

Above: Outdoor flaming torches for evening use can also be soaked in citronella to keep away insects

To add flavor to your summer party buy some bouquets and place small bulbs inside them. Arrange these bouquets around benches or tables. Also, if you are using fewer lights you can increase the lighting effect by placing garden mirrors or silver balls.

Try these ideas and blend them with your own to make amazing arrangements for the summer garden party your guests will remember for years to come!