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When to party - evening or night time

Best time for party lovers to have fun with family and friends! And not just because people will drink more, the night is traditionally the time for excess and liberation, due to the cares of the day being forgotten.

Don't think that throwing a successful party is only possible in a big area. You can make use of small yard or lawn for your wonderful garden parties.

For instance, how about a summer evening party with sea-green theme for tents, orange and deep crimson flowers, peach in wrought iron furniture with a touch of gold, creamy white and gold in napkins and table covers. You can try these or other great combinations.

No evening garden is complete without food and especially a barbeque. Make a good arrangement for your barbeque/bbq:

Serve grilled chicken, steak with sun dried tomatoes, fillets, garlic mashed potatoes, lemon-butter meat with drinks that complement the food.

For desserts fruit tart and strawberry cream is a good option. You can serve cold or hot herbal tea with edible flowers.

Garden party lighting

Above: Torches for evening use

Add soft music and warm light shades. To give a starry theme use white string lights on trees.

Additionally you can go for metal balls and translucent pots as they create tremendous reflections.

Colored candles can give a dreamy effect. Patio heaters are not very green but some people like them. We prefer a nice jumper!

Nightime parties can have unusual sculptures and models in the garden - even mannequins - half hidden in the bushes. This will give the neighbours something to think about!

Do not panic if you are short on time or budget, a thorough planning with bit of creativity can bring to life a remarkable party and make the guests remember it for years to come!