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Charity Garden Party or Charity Barbecue

You can even show off a bit by having a Charity Garden Party or Charity Barbecue. Choose a charity subject dear to your heart - or one where you know someone who works there. Or choose a high street charity like Oxfam, Heart, Barnadoes, FARA the Romanian childrens' one, there are plenty more.

There are 191,000 charities in the UK alone - 169,000 registered main charities and 22,000 smaller charities.

That is one charity for every 321 people. You could even form a new charity for people who have had accidents at barbecues. [There already is one - Editor]

From the TV's IT Crowd, there is the Boss Eyed Charity (It's Not A Joke).

You might want to invite a few charity workers, and their victims, but it means you can have a great time and feel good too. You might need disabled access for wheelchairs, but that is easy to put in temporarily. Keep an eye on any water features.

If you only have a small garden, sponsored crab football is always a laugh but watch out for injuries. See above.

If you have a very large garden, run a sponsored marathon around it before the celebrations. Or a half marathon. 105 metres is a one-four-hundredth marathon. Try that before a big sausage!

As people relax they will give more. Money can be put in a slotted box, just make sure it is cemented to the ground.