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Decking in gardens - a concept which was previously unknown has today become the standard in all sorts of gardens, for many reasons. Now traditional block paving is used mainly at the front of the building for driveways or parking.


Some of the main reasons for decking are:

In simple terms, a deck stands for a flat surface which can support a certain amount of weight. It is almost like a floor with the only difference that it is constructed outdoors. It is generally elevated and is connected to the main building.

The term originated from ship decks which were essentially separate sections of ships built in a way so as to produce a terraced effect.

The idea proved to be immensely useful in modern living. Not only does the decking in gardens provide an extension of the living area of the houses which may be utilized for playing, barbecue, outdoor eating, entertainment and other purposes but they also act as a suitable alternative to patios.

Decking proves to be a superb vantage spot and its access point may either be through a door from within the house or through a staircase raised from the ground.

Moreover, they have lately been accepted as a part of garden landscaping procedures. Green issues must be taken into consideration while choosing decking.

With low VOC treatments and usage of FSC timber, the eco-friendliness of the decked garden can be maintained.



Above: Decking in place

Decking closeup

Above: Decking with deck chair, children's car and garden

Decking closeup

Above: Decking and decking screws with square key hole

Fitting or constructing a deck is indeed not an easy task. It is recommended that professional help may be sought while constructing raised decks. However, a few things must be taken care of.

The ground of the garden on which the deck is to be built, must be carefully prepared, measured and leveled. It is only after this that the construction may begin.


Decking in gardens can be use of a variety of woods. Different types of hardwoods and softwoods are used for this purpose.

We recommend FSC softwood which can be pressure treated for resistance. There is a wide choice of decking woods.

These include the following:

Apart from these, pine is used extensively for different types of decking. These range from veranda decking to patio decking and trex decking. Whichever decking material is used, it is important for raised decks to have a railing and fencing.


The decking railing plays a pivotal role in ensuring your safety and security. Railings act as a visual and ergonomic framework to the entire decked structure. The rails and the awning (optional upper covering to provide shade) add a lot of weight.


Decks, once built, require a lot of care. Chemical treatments using CCA and pressure treatments help the decking retain its magnificence. Decks, after all, provide your house with that extra added benefit.

With decking, your gardens become a perfect blend of recreation and pleasure.

We will be adding more on decking railing, decking awnings and decking maintenance shortly.