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Tips for a Container Garden

Practical advice

Container gardening includes planting in pots, window boxes, flowerpots and other small containers.

We will also be looking later at lasagna gardening which is related to container gardening and square foot gardening.

Container gardening can be used for many situations where there is unsuitable soil, or even a concrete or tarmac surface such as a driveway. They can substitute for proper beds and are easier to maintain. Also different plants need different soil and watering regimes.

A row of containers can create a suitable blockade and be a wall or fence substitute, that can be moved to suit your changing requirements.

It is common (if not green) to deck areas and then put containers on them. This creates a larger open space for children to play, outdoor dining, and general outdoor fun, without all that messy gardening work.

container gardening decorated terracotta pot

Above: Container gardening decorated terracotta pot

Very large container gardening pot

Above: Very large container gardening pot

Below: Various large container gardening pots, weird pots on poles to make a barrier, a pot for a tree, and large show plants, many types of pots

High placed barrier containers gardening pots Barrier of large container gardening pots Two container gardening pots Very large container gardening pot with a tree Tall large container gardening pot

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