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Green roofs are not just good for biodiversity and visual appeal.

They also SAVE huge amounts of energy. The photos show the huge green roof at Marina Barrage Singapore, above the Pump House.

Figures from a government building in Athens showed a nearly 10% reduction in cooling costs and nearly 5% for heating.

This green roof was 650 square metres, which is pretty big, but quite achievable by high cost government or business developments. Why not spend tax money on something useful for a change?

Central Athens is very hot and polluted and so this is a very important test - that saves money as well as helping the environment.

Green roofs are very fashionable right now but there is a long way from a trendy idea to getting the thing built. They are far more expensive that you might imagine, as strong sub-structures and waterproofing have to be created.

Facts and figures:

Green roof - Singapore 3 Green roof - Singapore 2 Green roof - Singapore 1

News from Green Roof Today - UK

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