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Security and safety lighting, burglar prevention, video CCTV

Lighting your outdoor areas is not just important for your home’s beauty but also for home security. With proper lighting installed it is really easy to setup CCTV cameras around the perimeter of your home. They help in keeping trespassers at bay, and also are a great tech generation security and monitoring tool to have installed.

CCTV lights and lighting

CCTV lighting can be used to identify a person outside your premises. With the CCTV cameras installed and proper CCTV security lighting in place, you can also install automated door lock openers so that if you identify the person outside and want to let him/her in all you need to do is buzz him or her in, meaning opening the automated lock through a button from the inside.

This eliminates the need to go out and manually open the door. CCTV security lighting can also be done so that if you have a CCTV camera that rotates to cover the maximum area, you should also throw light in that specific area for better vision.

Outdoor building light lighting lamps

Above: lighting on a building site at night - for continued work and safety

Movement sensors and motion sensors

One more very impressive mechanism is present that can be used as CCTV security lighting; movement sensors. If, for example, some movement occurs in your garden at the late hours with these sensors activated, the lights would get turned on in the garden automatically, thus illuminating everything and catching the culprit by surprise. Your CCTV equipment can then capture the details of the illuminated area.

Passive infrared sensor – PIR – are often used as simple burglar detectors, linked to a central alarm system. The alarm system might also connect to the police station, or a private monitoring call centre, who can start an emergency response.

Outdoor light lamp post with rustic traditional lamps in a row of three

Above: Outdoor light lamp post with rustic traditional lamp in a row of three

Often burglars are very familiar with the methods used to stop them, and even are attracted to properties with expensive alarms system, as this indicates riches inside. Hidden alarm and detection systems are therefore better. A lot of crime is opportunistic, so why tempt the criminals inside?

Basic tips for CCTV lights and lighting

When installing lighting for CCTV equipment or when installing CCTV security cameras where lighting is already present, make sure that the light does not cause any hindrance to the recording.

Make sure the light does not reflect onto the lens of the camera or shine too brightly towards it, or it would cause a glare and the recording or live feed would not be clear.

Parking lighting for cars

Parking areas should be well lit also, for security and practical purposes. Adequate amount of light should be present and driveway should also be lit properly. Mostly one large bulb or light source is sufficient for a normal sized parking.

In case of mall parking areas, lots of lighting should be done for the people to feel safe and secure while parking their car there and walking to or away from it.

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