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Lamps, uplighters, chandeliers


Lamps are quite an effective tool when it comes to lighting the room appropriately. Lamps are easy to move around and thus can be re-adjusted with your rearranging of furniture, if you ever do it. Also, lamps offer a cheap solution to room lighting.

Types Of Lamp

Lamps come in a wide range of types - lamps, lamps,table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, pendant lamps, hanging lamps, outdoor lamps, street lamps, uplighters, downlighters, safety and security lamps, head lamps… oil lamps, hurricane lamps, solar lamps… the list goes on.

Costs compared to fixed lighting and lights

It would be far more expensive to install wall lights at different places in a room. They would be difficult, if not utterly impossible, to move around with the change in furniture arrangement. You would have to do repairing to the walls every time you remove a wall light from a particular place and you would have to install power sources along with the lights to all the places you decide to hang them.

Chandeliers light lighting lamps

Above: Chandeliers - do not have to be too expensive or extravagent, they are a useful addition

Advantages of lamps

Lamps offer another advantage, balancing the amount of light. For example, if you want to tone down the light in a particular area, all you need to do is install a lamp shade of a darker color and it would help in cutting down the amount of light, although now nearly all light sources come with dimmers. You should place the lamps in your home according to the light layers you want created.

Lamps and lighting atmosphere

Also the style and height of lamps is totally dependent on the atmosphere you want. But it is a better practice to have lamps of taller heights as compared to shorter ones. Or if you have shorter lamps you could set them on tables to come up with approximately the same height level as taller lamps. Also make sure that your lamps are of the same height in a particular set, because it looks unarranged to have lamps of different heights and also the light distribution gets hurt.

Hanging lights lighting lamps

Above: Hanging lights in a kicthen - traditional style - add light to a work surface

Let there be darkness!

One more thing about the placement of lamps is that you should make sure not to place them around the edges of the room and also that nothing is obstructing their light from a particular angle, otherwise this would cause an uneven look with the presence of sudden dark shadows.


In addition uplighters are used to wash your walls with mood light and create interesting lighting effects. These include wall uplighters and floor uplighters. Wall uplighters are good to create lighting effects on the walls and make even empty walls look like works of art. Floor uplighters provide excellent accent and mood lighting. They come in various styles and finishes ranging from simple canisters to full height floor uplighters. They can also incorporate in them reading lights for the purpose of practicality.


One of the most important ways to decorate PLUS light up your room is through the use of chandeliers. They come in many shapes, styles and materials. The most common traditional type are crystal chandeliers. They are mounted on ceilings and branch arms out to hold the light bulbs. They use complex glass arrays and crystal prisms to refract the light. Nowadays, there are many types from traditional to organic with mother of pearl sea shells etc hanging down.

Chandeliers are not very expensive (or at least they start at low prices) but have a very impressive central effect on a room.

In earlier times people had chandeliers with candles on the arms, so now, candle lamps are used which mimic the effect with low power output individually, so the group is not too blinding.

They provide an easy solution to a central light source, or to light a table area for eating, and other sources can be used in conjunction with this to create the desired light mood.

They enhance the beauty of the room by their exquisite designs and also help in illuminating it.

They are quite practical because with other sources it is difficult to light up the central area while maintaining the beauty of the atmosphere.

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