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Sun tunnels (also called light, sky, solar or sun tubes or pipes) are a simple, cost-effective and efficient way of brightening up rooms in your home that do not benefit from a window.

Using natural light to illuminate bathrooms, cloakrooms and other windowless spaces cuts CO2 emissions and saves money on electricity bills. Sun tunnels are fitted into the roof space in a property, connecting the room below with the natural light outside.

No structural alterations are required nor is there any maintenance to worry about.

They are very popular with owners - comments such as "they're a really nifty way of brightening up the home cheaply and without a lot of upheaval" are typical.

They are very useful in a lot of places- dark rooms, basements, and maintenance is minimal.

Velux sun tunnel

Sun tunnels can be used in conjunction with many roofing materials including slate and tile. The tunnels are available in two types: rigid (to light rooms directly beneath where the sun tunnel is sited on the roof of the property.

Sun tunnels or sun pipes are also flexible and can bend in any direction to allow outside light to reach the room requiring it.

With the increasing addition of basements to enlarge buildings in cities, this is a great way to enhance amenity.

Sun tunnels are available, along with various other carbon neutral home solutions from many UK suppliers. (Sun tunnel image courtesy of Velux).