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Concrete is one of the world's most used building materials and is in constant demand. This means that new buildings with a high usage of concrete are replacing older buildings with a high usage of concrete making old concrete readily available for recycling and often on site.

Recycling the concrete from older buildings and using it in the construction of new buildings can dramatically reduce energy and carbon expenditure as concrete production is very heat intensive.

Recycled concrete can easily be converted on site into materials such as sub-base gravel for road construction. Old concrete can also be added to newly mixed concrete as aggregate and saves having to dig fresh rock.


There is a huge marget in old bricks as they match existing housing stock. This is important to get planning permission in some environments as houses are supposed to match the existing street scene. This applies more in conservation areas (UK) than other areas.

Older bricks also fit better in some refurbishments or remodeling as they are made to imperial sizes rather than metric.