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Cooking Games for boys and girls

Cooking Games for boys and girls
Drag, Drop and Have Fun

Give your creativity a blast and find out the charm of virtual world cooking. Now online games are not exclusively for men, young boys and girls can have marvelous experiences by playing free games online. Not only you are able to play them but also share it with others via social media. Generally games are largely aimed at men categorized into shooting, science fiction, racing, crime, hunting and sports based console or online games.

Cooking Academy Game - for boys and girls

Above: Cooking Academy Game - for boys and girls

Certainly boys and girls have played those but now cooking and dressing up genres are particularly designed for boys and girls. Dress up games consist of different clothes items and you only need to pick items of your choice and get your character dressed with stunning accessories in no time.

"All's Fair in Love and War is Play"

Think of Barbie and Action Man or similar. These two are very gender based, but that can change with good parenting or socialising. In the modern world, straight forward violence is discouraged in boys, unlike older or less Westernised societies. Soplay games instead, from paintballing to action video games.

Traditionally boys play by hunting and fighting, as they do naturally, whatever parents do about it. In fact, war is play, according to New Model Army, the latest book from the excellent Adam Roberts.

Cooking games

But here we talk about cooking games for boys and girls. You can virtually cook online and share your scores and results with your friends through social websites. More educational games will be featured soon. {Editor's note" I have a 3 year old son who loves playing cooking games with plastic kitchens and fruit and vegetables - also watching cooking shows on TV. He is not old enough for guns and war games yet, so we shall see how this develops.]

The number of online gamers is increasing rapidly due to such appealing virtual games. Manufactures have finally realized what younger boys and girls want to play and every day options are growing for this niche. Whether you would like to prepare breakfast or make a wedding cake, it's a great fun to experience the realm of virtual cooking.

All young boys and girls can play cooking games with a extensive variety of options available and which are absolutely free! Doesn't matter if you don't know how to make something, instructions are there to tell you where to start and which thing goes in first. Furthermore there is no worry of components to be wasted because if you lose, simply start playing again! So you can learn how to cook with more safety - at least for basic principles. Big shot restaurant chefs are usually men, mainly due to the long and late hours and hard work.

Cooking Academy Game - chef at work -  - for boys and girls

Above: Cooking Academy Game - chef at work - for boys and girls

Games are accessible for beginners to professional chefs. For beginners these are very simple recipes and easy instructions to follow. Parents could find this very useful. If they want their young sons and daughters to get acquainted with cooking and kitchen stuff, then online games are the best way to start with.

To learn the art of cooking while having fun, best idea is to play, cook and learn by games. One of the biggest advantages for beginners is that there is no chance of harm from these games. While in the kitchen young boys and girls need to take care of heat and knife etc. So safety first!

Cooking Academy is a good free online game, it is a great way to start out. We have provided a link to the COoking Academy game, see below. They have all levels from beginner to expert, and have an extra pack for world recipes (very good!). The images on this page are from their site.

For creating appetizing recipes in the virtual world, boys and girls need to focus on measurements of ingredients and time given to them. Player has to select appropriate items and mix them with other ones within the intended time. You will have bonus points for time management. Some websites also allow you to create your own games which is very stimulating for those who want something additional.

So now boys and girls not only can play games but also can produce their own games, share them with others and download them too. You will find pizza making games, desserts and delicious treat games, cooking for special dinner, pan cakes and cakes for certain occasions, grilling meat and baking your favorite pies games.

Cooking games have played a significant role in enhancing the creativity of boys and girls around the world. These girly breed of games help boys and girls organize their room and kitchen along with time management fashions. They can move to other recipes if one is found uninteresting.

After having a good experience of cooking virtually, young boys and boys and girls can also try their recipes at home.

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