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AIR CONDITIONING, AC, AIRCON - specification and maintenance

Air Conditioning - to reduce maintenance get right specification

With the increase in global warming it is now indispensible to have air conditioning unit in every building, home, office, or at least when heat waves are at their extreme. They can be fitted by a DIY expert, but a professional fitting is better as they you will get a guarantee and warranty, which is very important for electro-mechanical devices that can fail easily. Of course if you are very clever you will use passive cross ventilation, and use air con in peak temperature times onle. And use solar panels to power it...

As it is an expensive appliance, before buying air cooling systems for your building, home, kitchen or office you must consider few points to make sure you're making efficient use of money and energy.

Firstly, make sure the size of AC unit is not too large or too small. A bigger AC system in a smaller place will not be an appropriate choice. Some AC manufacturing companies offer costly systems but they are great in long run and consume less electricity so this option is worth its price.

Also consider your cooling needs, climatic changes of your area and dimensions of your home. Figure out vents, windows and doors in the house, insulation in ceiling and then decide which kind of system actually suits best. Number of family members and other appliances in home also greatly affect the cooling process of a unit.

Maintenance and Repair:

In extremely hot places dealing with air conditioning unit is definitely a big priority. Installation and maintenance of air conditioners are expensive but worth the cost if you deal with them right away. You must keep in mind that most of the maintenance does require professional support and will cost you unless you are an expert.

Generally air conditioners are compact so if a fault occurs you should call the professionals. Make sure the person is qualified and licensed before proceeding any further. Often removing dry leaves and dirt from the outdoor unit, cleaning up the pipes and clogging in air filters can solve the problem but this has to be done by a licensed person.

Air condition unit outside building

Above: Air condition fan close up outside building - must be regularly checked

If you experience any fluctuation in bulbs and lights repair it soon as this could cause damage to the air conditioning unit and even cause a short-circuit. Try not to accommodate all the appliances along with the AC in one room, as this causes huge power drops and could result in damaging all appliances.

Air condition unit in building - dust, rattles, leaks, trapped insects

Above: Air condition fan close up in building - can need regular maintenance - dust, rattles, leaks, trapped insects

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